Gourmet Baguettes

Our delicious baguettes are made fresh every morning,using the artisanal baking methods.No preservatives,flavourings or colourants are used in creating the perfect baguette.

Some of our favourites include

  • succulent chicken, bacon, avo lettuce tomato – the full works
  • Zesty chicken delicious lemon infused chicken with avo,tomato lettuce and cucumber –fresh,filling and fabulous
  • New York pastrami -pastrami, – pastrami, emmental tomato,cucumber, mustard, olives and cos lettuce – all time N.Y. favourite
  • Egg and bacon -egg, bacon, cheddar ,mayo lettuce – the all day breakfast classic
  • Rare roast beef-beef, gherkin, mustard, mayo, cucumber,tomato and cos lettuce – back by popular demand,need we say more
  • Lemon chicken- chicken, orange, mayo, tomato,cucumber, basil, avo and cos lettuce -fresh, healthy and delicious
  • Chicken honey mayo succulent chicken, whole grain mustard,mayo, avo lettuce – our signature chicken filling
  • Breakfast bagel egg, bacon, lettuce, mayo – breakfast doesn’t get better than this
  • Prego steak bagel beef strips, Prego sauce, cucumber lettuce – a mildly spicy favourite
  • Chicken mayo chicken, mayonnaise, cucumber and cos lettuce – everyone’s favourite