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At Farrelli we pride ourselves on fresh, natural ingredients. All our muffins are baked from scratch using our own homemade recipes. We use only the best ingredient; fresh blueberries, juicy sun-dried cranberries and natural yoghurt. No added preservatives are used in our foods. Our muffins are as good as your Grandmother’s own recipe – only better!

Our muffins are freshly baked each morning and afternoon. Our specialist bakers dress each muffin individually by hand. This ensures the authentic artisan touch which we think makes our muffins stand out from the rest. Our unique packaging gives them the edge.

We deliver the best gourmet muffins to your restaurant,coffee shop or retail shop.We will even deliver Gourmet muffins for your corporate or private functions.Gourmet muffins are available for delivery with all our platters.See our platter selection



Blueberry Muffin

Delicious juicy blueberries combined with flaked almonds makes this one of our most popular muffins.Made from natural ingredients with no preservatives.

Chocolate Muffin

This is definitely one of our most popular muffins. Filled with chocolate chips and topped with chocolate and honeycomb, this muffin is off-the-chart delicious!

Vanilla Cranberry

Vanilla infused muffin filled with cranberries and topped with a fondant and cranberries. Always a favourite.

Breakfast Crunch

This muffin is filled with healthy muesli and cranberries This is the best way to start your day.